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Mnemonic project: Day 5

24 Oct 2013

I'm practising the skill of memorising a deck of cards. Hopefully by logging my progress I'll keep at it long enough to make it a habit.

Result 6: Stored 52 cards in 11 minutes. Recalled 85%.


I missed a day of practice. This time I had 6 cards left when the 10 minutes ended, so I continued through for the whole deck. I also tried visualising with my eyes open which didn't make much of a difference. I REALLY need to revisit my system and get rid of the hard actions and objects. I'm finding it a little easier to anchor an image in a location if I visualise moving between loci and seeing the image come into view. This will probably become easier to do as I get quicker at calculating the image for a card pair (maybe the limiting factor will be how fast I can 'walk' through the house).