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Mnemonic project: Day 1

19 Oct 2013

I'm practising the skill of memorising a deck of cards. Hopefully by logging my progress I'll keep at it long enough to make it a habit.

Result 1: Stored 20 cards in 10 minutes. Recalled 100%.
Result 2: Stored 40 cards in 10 minutes. Recalled 50%.


I'm using a simplified Person-Action-Object system, I have 16 'people' with accompanying 'actions' and 'objects'. I've noticed that some of my 'objects' are more like places, and this makes it harder to store them in loci. As an example, I had 'a long road' (from Roadrunner) which was very hard, I changed it to anvil as I was going.

I also have Oscar the grouch who is hiding in his garbage can. I had the issue that one of the people were hiding too well, so I had to guess at who it was. I may end up changing this action if it gives more problems.

If I can get this simplified system to 52 cards in 1 minute I'll consolidate all these learnings up and release some recommendations in designing your own PAO system.